“Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about,” the little prick drooled. “You’ll do anything for cash won’t you, slut!”

Sara fought back the reflex to claw his eyes out. Even after a whole year working in the club she’d still not got used to being treated as a piece of meat. In the not too distance past, she’d never realized dives like this existed, and in all her wildest nightmares, she’d never thought she’d end up working in such a place. But Fate was a cruel mistress and she’d decided to condemn Sara to this living hell without any chance of reprieve.

Remembering the stranger, she scanned the bar but there was no sign of him. She made eye-contact with Candy on the nearby podium. She was doing her naughty nurse dance routine for a pack of horny college students, and she flashed Sara a weary smile.

Sara returned the smile, feeling a small lift in her spirits. Candy was her best friend in the Devil's Playground. The older woman had taken the scared and naïve little rich kid Sara once was, under her wing and showed her the ropes. She’d taught Sara how to dance and how to tease the customers, and had shielded her from the unsavory advances of Al, the Devil's Playground’s slimy manager.

As if on cue, he shambled out from behind the bar. She felt his lecherous gaze on him as she danced, and did her best to ignore it. A deep, malignant feeling of shame burned inside her. Every fiber of her being screamed that what she was doing was wrong. Stripping for money was utterly degrading, and her parents would be shocked and horrified if they could see what their little girl had become. The asshole stockbroker was right. She was a slut. A dirty whore who deserved everything she got.

That’s enough, she told herself angrily. She wasn’t a piece of trash. She was a decent and brave woman. Candy always said that it was the guys who came here who were dirty. They were dirty and hypocritical, coming to places like these for a cheap thrill, then heading home to their wives and girlfriends. It was them who should be ashamed. Candy told Sara she should be proud she wasn’t like that. Sara had to take her clothes off out of necessity. The men who watched her had the choice to do the right thing, but didn’t.

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