Praise for

Conscious Gardening

"Too often gardening books present an impersonal experience of gardening, cautious to say what authors really think. This book is daring to explore the author's inner most thoughts and opinions about the land, soil, vegetables, fruit, life and conscious gardening. Not everyone may agree with the thoughts explored in the book but the journey is a good read with sound gardening tips and advice."

SubTropical Gardening Magazine, Australia

"Conscious Gardening is not just another book about gardening techniques, but 'how to connect with the consciousness of the plant kingdom by having a greater knowledge of the living soil, the nutrients, and how they work together as a seamless whole.'

"Author Michael Roads says there is both subconscious gardening and conscious gardening. He assures readers that subconscious gardening will allow them to have magnificent gardens, but unless they are willing to become fully conscious themselves, possible dimensions of that magnificence will elude them.

"Roads explains that when one is 'being with' the garden and interacting consciously with Nature, the process of gardening flows easily, but when one is merely 'doing to' the garden, the connection is lost, sometimes turning the garden into a battlefield between Nature and the gardener. He shares insights he has developed over decades, acquaints the reader with basics regarding mulch, soil, natural fertilizers, proper attitude, compost, and growing organic vegetables and fruit, and urges an understanding of the garden as a metaphor for life. This book helps readers develop a spiritual relationship with Nature and one's self through the process of gardening."

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