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By Spiros Seretidis

Marlow Continental was a nobleman and a great English landowner. He lived in London, England and was married to economist Dragal Coin. Together they raised three children Lekrem, Naksaurts and Yzokras. Despite the companies he owned in England were going very well, the fields that had been scattered in various countries of Europe were left for too long untapped.

One afternoon the family Continental was having dinner in the living room and soon the discussion of the large and untapped land took over.

It's a pity that such large pieces of land remain unexploited!’ said the daughter, Lekrem.

Lekrem, as you are a good accountant, what do you recommend me to do?’ asked her father, Mr. Marlow.

I will tell you what to do’, said Marlow’s wife Mrs. Dragal. ‘You will give them to farmers which they will sow!’ she continued.

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