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Sharon L Reddy

Well Timed

(c) 1997, 2004, 2012

Target Yonder

Smashwords Edition

ISBN 978-1-58338-994-6

Chapter One

There wasn't much doubt he was in the right place. Or time. The music blaring out of the speakers was good, but the speakers were terrible. He sighed and started looking. If he was going to have a life companion, he was going to pick him out himself. They'd have sixty days to become friends before the friend was declared his brother and pumped him while his first semen collection was taken, in front of a live audience of sixty thousand women and a tri-planetary broadcast hookup that made it over a trillion.

He was the emperor. Selecting him a brother was the only thing for which the time travel device was used. Alain had a feeling the note he'd left, saying he thought a committee of five would disturb the past more than one boy and he'd pick a nice one, would shake things up a bit. He wasn't quite as well under control as they thought he was.

Alain ran a hand through wavy blond hair the population had chosen for their emperor when he was planned. An emperor's appearance was always selected by popular vote. A large number of the next generation would look like him. When he announced his retirement, which was allowed after two years, his semen and a selected ova would be brought together and genetic surgery would be done to give the next emperor the hair, skin, eye color and body shape the people chose. Eighteen years later, he could retire when his son was old enough to become emperor.

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