Praise for J. F. Gonzalez

"In an era of horror fiction that's often reckless and overboard, Gonzalez brings intellect and a studied, consummate craft to the table, creating tales the right way: with deft characterization, riveting plotwork, and imagery sharper than a carpet razor. This is a rare type of writer indeed, tackling even hardcore and taboo subjects with brains and creative brawn. If you haven't heard of this guy yet, believe me, you will. It won't be long before Gonzalez is taking big bites out of the field of horror fiction" - Edward Lee, author of Ghouls, Incubi, and The Bighead.

"J. F. Gonzalez is a writer to watch." - Bentley Little, Author of The Store.

"One of my must-read authors" - The Horror Fiction Review

"Gonzalez gives his audience what they crave in spades." - Cemetery Dance

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