Dark Woman


Dallas Releford

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A review of Dark Woman by Kathy Garcia

A dark and mysterious novel, with even darker and more mysterious characters – Dark Woman will keep you wrapped in its pages until the very end.

Brave, smart and beautiful, Elizabeth Ann Keene and her team become involved when 3 separate murders occur of women who have a couple things in common; First, they all work for a computer company called Future Computer Systems and second, they were all working on the same project, GENESIS.

On a trail that starts in California coast to the Kentucky woods and hopefully will NOT end in China on foreign land – Elizabeth Ann Keene discovers that the importance of GENESIS and why foreign interest is deadly. She finds that the GENESIS project is a quantum super computer for US government, an advanced weapon system used to build E bombs and other weapons. This is powerful and deadly technology the US must protect for everyone’s safety. If it finds its way into foreign hands, the consequences could be deadly.

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