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The Siege of Kwennjurat

A M Jenner

Copyright 2012, A M Jenner, Smashwords Edition

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This DRM-Free ebook represents more than a year of work. Please respect my hard work by purchasing it. Thank you for your honesty!

Thanks and Dedication

A very big thank-you is in order to our readers who waited, mostly with patience, for four years for the sequal. Special thanks to those who recognized the necessity of a certain death in Tanella’s Flight, and forgave us for it.

This book is dedicated to our friend Dallyn, who at fourteen, looked exactly like Crispin.

Author’s Note

This is the second book of The Kwennjurat Chronicles. I strongly suggest you read the first book in the series, Tanella’s Flight, before commencing this book. It will make more sense to you that way.

If you really can’t wait, I advise you go first to the end of this volume and read the section titled “catching up to the story”.

Calendar of the Ten Kingdoms

The year is a twelve moonatt cycle; each moonatt has thirty days. The moon has a 28-day cycle. The moonatts are listed below in chronological order throughout the year.

Daatha, Golorinn, Arysa, Pleig, Corith, Beltaine, Monleth, Aidorth, Trymmyl, Peschnorr, Garnneth, Samhain

Table of Contents

Thanks and Dedication

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