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Digging Deep into Love

Ram Bansal

Copyright Ram Bansal 2012

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As humans evolved from wild beasts, love evolved from beastly sex. Therefore, love settles to be a humane attribute beginning from love for the self to love to others and then love to compatible sexual partner. Love is a life-long journey for everybody to pursue for being happy.

Love needs sacrifices, therefore is dependent on courage of the person since sacrifice and courage are interlinked. Only courageous can dare to sacrifice. Further, love needs mental maturity of the partners. Since, maturity is missing in even many aged persons, love relationships often fail.

Love is often confused with mere physical lust, therefore, this subject has been dealt with in great details proving that lust too is a part of love for its being inherited from the beastly past of the humanity.

Ram Bansal

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Section A : Love and Partners,

Section B : Establishment of Love,

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