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Breaking in the Secretary Part One: First Day

By Stephen Walter

Copyright 2012 by Stephen Walter

Smashwords Edition

“Hi, I'm here for the interview for the secretary's position.”

James smiled warmly to the receptionist seated before him. He set a slight hand on the heavy wooden desk, looking down to her with bright green eyes. His smile betrayed a hint of nervousness. Freshly tendered out of college, he had spent what seemed like a small eternity sending out applications to any who would listen. This would be the first place that did.

"Mr. Spencer, I take it?" The receptionist waited for James to nod before she continued. "You are a bit early. If you take a seat, Mrs. Ramirez from Human Resources will see you shortly." She leaned up slightly to point towards the few empty seats and a side table that comprised the waiting area.

"Thank you." James tipped her one more smile before waiting his way to his seat. He settled in his chair with a nervous exhale, letting his thoughts wander lest the wait kill him. He smoothed out his dark slacks with a brush of his hands, making sure everything was in place. Not that he was sure that he'd be measured by the crease in his pants or by the polish of his loafers, but you could never be certain.

After all, he was merely applying to be a secretary at Johnson Accounting. He wasn't aiming to run the firm. He chuckled to himself, allowing himself the arrogant thought of being the one in charge. But, those dreams could wait until after he got his foot in the door. Cleaning up some old powerful man's messes would be the perfect way to get the experience needed.

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