The Case of the Missing Blahnik

A Fashion Avenue Mini

Christine DeMaio-Rice

Copyright © 2012 by Christine DeMaio-Rice

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The Case of the Missing Blahnik

The hangover banged away like an industrial sewing machine, and when Laura’s cellphone buzzed from its place between her hip and the mattress, the machine morphed into a rocket ship launching.

“What.” It was a flat statement, because a question would have implied she cared about the caller’s needs, when in fact, she’d only answered the phone to make the complete moron on the other end feel the impact of their idiocy.

“I lost a shoe.” It was Ruby, her sister, ten months older and no wiser for the extra time.

“Look in the back of the closet.”

“No. One of the Blahniks from last night.”

Laura sat up straight in bed. The room spun, and she leaned her forehead on the cool plaster wall. “Where did you lose it?”

“If I knew that, don’t you think I’d be there trying to find it? It’s nowhere in the apartment, in the hall, or on the sidewalk.”

God, she’d walked up and down the block looking already.

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