The Hunter: Curse of the full moon

Copyright 2010 Luke William

Published by Luke William

Distributed by Smashwords.


The air was quiet and still. No clouds filled the night sky, a fat silvery full moon hung heavy amongst the stars, shining down on a small forest sat between two farmers’ fields just on the outskirts of the small town of Willomere, the moon’s light filtered down through the thick canopy creating shafts of light that cut through the darkness, into a small clearing, to gently illuminate the nearest trees. Small moths danced in and out of the light in complicated mating patterns, as a badger trundled though the undergrowth back to his den.

A frail elderly lady stumbled through a bramble-framed opening into the clearing, her white cotton nightgown snagging on a thorn and ripping a small hole. She cursed under her breath. Walking into the clearing she stepped into a small patch of mud covering her pink slipper. She cursed again.

When I get my hands on that damn cat…” She removed her slipper from the mud and tried wiping it on the grass. “LUNA!” She called into the darkened forest hoping to hear her gentle mew.

A deep growl filled the clearing, the old lady stopped and peered into the darkness ahead of her, her frail heart pounding in her chest. She noticed a deep musky smell hanging heavy in the air, which made her blood race. She reached an arthritic-riddled hand up to a small gold cross that hung on a thin chain around her neck, and grasped it tightly to try and steady her nerves. The shadows seemed to emanate menace.

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