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Entertaining Angels


Matthew Angelo

Smashwords Edition

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Entertaining Angels

Copyright 2012 by Matthew Angelo

Walking down College Avenue in the cold on Christmas Eve is not my idea of a festive time, and neither is dealing with last minute shoppers pushing past me. Snow fell from a gloomy gray sky, and the smell of coffee mixed with the exhaust of traffic made my walk somewhat better. People were out buying their friends and family last minute gifts, hoping to buy their love with over-priced and superficial items that they will return the day after. Everyone rushed. Carrying boxes, bags, and bundles, staring straight ahead, focused only on themselves. Ah, the Christmas shopping season. Goodwill towards me, fuck everyone else, seemed to be the prevailing attitude. Old Town Fort Collins was full of life, yet empty of it at the same time. Everyone’s pre-occupation with buying happiness kept them from noticing anything. I have to watch where I’m walking so I wouldn’t run into anyone. I’m the only one that is doing that, and I hate this time of year. Not the holiday itself, but the fact it seems to bring out the worst in people. Yeah, I have quite the cynical attitude. Who isn’t though, right?

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