Tears From a Clown


Tears From a Clown

By Tyler Brown (T.F.B)

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Tyler Brown (T.F.B)

Jake sat against the brick wall of the old comedy club he used to perform in. His clothes a ragged ruined mess, covered up by an oversized trench coat, wrapped around like a blanket. His beard was now long and dirty, still holding the crumbs and remains from the already rotten food he scavenged for. A stocking cap kept his head warm from this cloudy, cold rain season. Puffs of his thick long brown hair stuck out all around it like overgrown grass around the outside of a fence. He was holding a bowl with six cents in it.

The street had its steady share of visitors. Labeled by the natives as Paradise Ends, is the section of run down apartments and stores of the business district of Castle Falls, a small city in Illinois. The reason for the name is because of the location of shops that lined the street. Several bars and liquor stores, the most popular being Pussy Liquor, a larger store with bars on the window and a picture of a giant black cat on the sign. Other shops included porn and sex toy shops, followed up with a nice dose of a porn theater, currently showing Buster Jackson Taps Black Ass.

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