THE LEARNER (Book One of the Learner Series)


I wish to thank the following persons, who generously lent their time and/or expertise to this story:

Heather Marie Adkins

Tamra Westberry

P J Jones

Christine LePorte

Authors of The Eclective

Happy and safe holidays to everyone!

That includes you, Santa.

St. Claws

Matt Haskel glanced at the sheet of paper filled with one-line fortunes. Today buy a gift. You will find a lucky wreath. Listen to the reindeer outside your window.

“Where’d Gino find this clown?” he mumbled to himself. Impatiently, he read the remaining fortunes and pushed the sheet aside. For some reason, the last one seemed to crawl under his skin. When the elves come to your home, let them in.

“Suwyn,” he called toward the open door. His office was directly upstairs from the plant where FAR WEST FORTUNE COOKIES were manufactured. He waited a moment and shouted louder. “Suwyn.” The man had been hired a few weeks ago and was supposed to be only a consultant—at least that’s what Gino Pellete, the owner, had told him.

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