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Table of Contents

Foreword - What's HaterNation All About? By Neil Foote

Chapter 1 - President Barack: A Hated Man By Michael H. Cottman

Chapter 2 - For the GOP, It's a Win-At-Any-Cost By Jackie Jones

Chapter 3 - Civility: WTH? By Sybril Bennett, Ph.D.

Chapter 4 - The Fight for Equality Never Ends By Dr. Silas Lee

Chapter 5 - From Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin By Gloria J. Browne Marshall

Chapter 6 - Obamacare and the Wizards of Odd Behavior By Yanick Rice Lamb

Chapter 7 - Living In Fear, 2012 By Darryl James

Chapter 8 - The Art of the Diss By Yanick Rice Lamb

Chapter 9 - America: Land of Opportunity - and Racism By Gloria J. Browne Marshall

Chapter 10 - Redefining What It Means to be a Black Woman in the Age of Michelle Obama by Sophia A. Nelson, Esquire

Chapter 11 - Trayvon Martin, the Socialization of Black Youth By Britney Wilson

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