Chapter 12 - The Whole Deck: The Myth Behind the American Race Card By Stephanie Robinson

Chapter 13 - First Lady Michelle Obama: The President's Not So Secret Weapon By Avis Thomas-Lester

Chapter 14 - No Sweet Dreams Soon for Black GOP By Wil LaVeist

Chapter 15 - Why Are We Doing This to Ourselves? By Sidmel K. Estes

Chapter 16 - Voter ID Laws are 21st Century Poll Taxes By Wayne Dawkins



What’s HaterNation All About?

By Cornelius "Neil" Foote, Jr.

The year 2012 marks a very historic and contentious presidential election. The tone of this election was set virtually less than 24-hours after the 2008 election of President Barack Obama. At that moment, with arrogance and bravado, several key conservatives made it very clear that they wanted to do everything possible to ensure that the president failed at whatever he tried to do, including getting re-elected. The losing party is always discontent when its candidate loses, but the hateful, mean-spirited manner in which some members of the GOP have expressed their resentment has intentionally disrespected the office of the presidency.

The “dissin’ of the president” has set the stage for this book, “HaterNation”. At a point in this country’s history when Candidate Obama had set the tone for “Hope” and “Change”, there has been a blatant and aggressive agenda by the many conservatives in this country to promote conflict, division and negativity. The GOP has devoted much of its time spewing hateful, vitriolic rhetoric that has gone beyond the norm. At times, some critics have been, outrageously racist toward the president, the First Lady, his children – and in turn, African-Americans around the world. The public displays of rudeness toward the president have occurred in public forums (e.g. refusing to meet with him upon his invitation; blurting out "you lie" during his ‘State of the Union’ Address) and throughout the web as bloggers posted racial epithets filled with criticism of the president and his family. Add to this 69 percent increase in the number of hate groups formed since 2000, and the 755 percent increase in the number of Patriot groups formed, which are heavily armed antigovernment militia, according to Mark Potok’s Southern Poverty Law Center.

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