Orphans of the Celestial Sea, by Mark Fenger

What readers are saying about Orphans of the Celestial Sea:

" ARG! You swine! I must know what happens next! Great opening chapter. If you can sustain this pace, you have an absolute winner.

Merchant airships? Fog? Draggers? Bell codes? Kid's Tower? Wow, so many hints: you really have a whole world ready for us to explore - can't wait." – Adam X

“I am hooked. Too much violence in the first chapter would have turned me off, but you kept it real, which can sometimes be tricky in a Fiction book :) 

I want to know what happens next, which I consider to be the basis of a good book, the characters and the epidemic itself intrigues me.”

Well done all round.” – James Murray

"This was fantastic. I absolutely love the ideas behind it, and the use of accented dialogue was superb. A lot of people can't pull that off but you did it well. Awesome how you combine aspects of steampunk, fantasy, and zombies." C.H.

“Nice cliffhanger. I started off thinking, "Okay, I'll just read the first chapter before bed,” and looks like I'm going to be up later reading the next one.” Katrina Forest

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