Temporary Kiss

By Jillian Holmes

Copyright 2012 Jillian Holmes

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Temporary Kiss

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Part Two of The Kiss Trilogy

Kayla was ecstatic. Not only had she basically met the man of her dreams, now she was in a relationship with him, more or less. There were several complications to her relationship status with Jamie Madison, however.

Even though Jamie just needed an escort to a family function, Kayla felt like there was much more between them. He liked her and she liked him. It was a difficult situation, but they both accepted it for what it was: an immense attraction and an easy melding of personalities.

After their encounter last weekend, Kayla was surprised things between them only got easier. Every night since, he took her to dinner and they ended each night with a hot make-out session in his car. Kayla looked forward to the end of each date more and more throughout the week. On Thursday, he had to cancel.

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