“Sorry about this. If I don’t get some actual work done tonight, there’s no way I’ll be able to go away for the whole weekend,” he told her Thursday morning when he called her. “My employees have been shocked at my lack of focus at work. I haven’t told them anything, but it’s all your fault! You keep distracting me with those dirty little text messages you send me every morning,” he meant to sound more forceful, but he couldn’t make himself chastise her. He looked forward to those texts each morning and thought about them all day.

“It’s okay, Jamie. I understand. I should probably work tonight, too. I’ve been slacking,” she said to him. Every day she tried to think of something more dirty than the last. This morning’s text had been a whopper, even though she’d only sent him a number.


His reply had been swift.

Can’t wait.

She smiled just thinking about the reply. And they were going to be spending the weekend in a fancy suite in Boston. She got excited just thinking about it.

“Well, I’ll make it up to you with today’s gift, I promise. Oh, I will pick you up at noon tomorrow. Don’t forget your ID for the train,” they said their goodbyes and Kayla thought again about their incredible week.

After their day at the falls, they were both completely sated. On the ride home, he’d lifted the center console of his truck and she rode the entire way home in the middle seat with his arm around her. It was a perfect day. He kissed her goodnight and seemed to understand that she wasn’t ready for sex. Yet.

On Monday, he had two dozen yellow roses delivered to her at home. That’s when she decided to start the sexy texts. He was thoughtful and giving, and although she wasn’t used to being lavished with gifts, especially flowers; she accepted what he did because she knew it was in his nature. So the ritual started. She sent him texts and he sent her gifts. That night they shared dinner at his apartment. He cooked for her. It was romantic and perfect. Except the food. He overcooked the chicken and burned the rice. They laughed about it and he ordered a pizza. When she left, he kissed her soundly and sent her on her way.

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