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On Tuesday, he sent her a very expensive box of chocolates. Again, they were delivered to Star’s apartment. She dutifully sent him another sexy message. The day passed slowly for Kayla, but that evening, he arrived to pick her up promptly at six. Instead of a nice restaurant, he’d stopped at a drive-thru and although she was surprised, she gave him her order. They ate in the mall parking lot and he shocked her further when he moved to get out at the mall and gestured she do the same. They spent the evening shopping for clothes. Although her clothes were more than acceptable, he’d told her his family would expect that she would be wearing only designer brands. He admitted to her that if she wanted to burn the clothes after the weekend, he wouldn’t blame her. She laughed but admitted she wouldn’t get rid of the clothes. She wasn’t poor, but she wouldn’t get rid of such nice clothes. When he suggested they go into a high-class lingerie shop, she counteroffered that she go in alone. So he took a walk through the mall while she went in and found the sexiest skimpy lingerie she could find. She had to force herself not to look at the total price when she swiped the credit he’d demanded she pay with.

Wednesday, she took the lead in their little game and texted him early, before seven. He never replied, but when a delivery man showed up with a box at the door, there was a hand-written note attached.

Normally, I don’t read my texts while I’m on the phone. Except for this morning. I got your text while discussing a lawsuit with a client on the office phone. I nearly passed out. I hope you’re saving some of that sassy attitude for this weekend. You’re going to need it. Don’t wear this tonight. Save it for the weekend. –JM

She smiled as she read his words, remembering her text. This weekend, you’ll find out that all those clothes you bought aren’t nearly as sexy on as they are off. Obviously, her words had stirred him up, as they were intended to do. That night, they were both frantic to see each other and didn’t even make it out of her apartment for dinner. They didn’t have sex, but they repeated the events from Sunday. When he left her apartment, he kissed her deeply and she very nearly pulled him back into the apartment to ask him to stay, but Kayla stayed strong. She wanted him; he wanted her, but that didn’t mean they needed to jump into sex. Besides, she was willing to wait a few more days. They would have each other this weekend. She didn’t open her gift from him until after their date; it was a bottle of her favorite perfume.

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