The Deluge

Part 1

By Dominic Lourex

Copyright 2012 Dominic Lourex

Smashwords Edition

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I am sure a lot of people are familiar with the story of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood. The biblical tale of a man and his family who are told by god to build an ark and save themselves and two of each animal from a great flood that is coming to sweep away the world. This story has resonated throughout millennia of an angry god punishing mankind for their sins. This perspective of the story has always come to us through the tainted lense of religious faith and therefore been stripped of any chance of an objective interpretation. This story however is possibly a rich account of a major geological event that happened to our planet in hte short time of human history. This story is also interesting for it is replicated throughout the globe in ancient civilisations that are far reaching from the biblical lands of Noah. The story of the Deluge that covered much of the world can also be found in the cuneiform tablets in ancient Sumer, the Sanskrit texts from the Indus Valley, the inscriptions found in Central and South America and passed down through verbal folklore in many pacific islander cultures. How could all of these different cultures, who seemingly had no contact with each other, share a common tale of an earth shattering event thousands of years ago? Who were the people on the earth prior to the deluge and how advanced had their societies evolved? And most importantly, what can we learn from the past and could it happen again?

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