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The Grandfather Army

Raymond Daley

Copyright 1/6/12 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

I'd been here ten years when I finally met him.

"I am Senior Drill Sergeant Bird, you will call me Staff. Not sir unless you want a broken nose, not sarge unless you want a broken jaw, just Staff. You got me?"

Two hundred thousand raw recruits shout "Yes, Staff!"

They're shivering and not one of them is actually standing still. That's down to the fifteen mile run they just completed and that it's 3am and they were all expecting to still be safely tucked up in their nice warm rock hard beds back in the barracks. I walk down the first rank of two hundred, my optical implant picks up their subcutaneous RFID chip so I know each recruits name, age, blood type, religion and sexual preference.

This war's been going on too long now.

If even someone like me is starting to think that way then it's definitely been going on too long.

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