I don't really need to tell these pukes my name. For at least two reasons.

Reason One:- It is written on the chest of every uniform item I wear. As a senior drill instructor I get the 5 inch thick banner name tag.

Reason Two:- My reputation precedes me. As soon as every one of these folks were sworn in they were hearing my name.

"You think I'm being nasty to you? Compared to Sergeant Bird, I am an Angel!"

"I am feeling generous, we will do five miles today. Don't complain! Sergeant Bird does at least fifteen miles, you've got it easy with me!"

And other such glowing references.

By the time they actually meet me most of them are convinced I'll actually eat them alive rather than let them fail. It is reported that I have a 100% success rate. I have ensured this rumour is so well reinforced that none of them dare fail for fear of ruining my good name.

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