Dinner With A Dead Man

Mystery with a twist of Romance

Published by Smashwords and Copyright 2012 CJ Hawk

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Some girls have all the luck, and I'm not one of them. I've gotten myself into some really sticky situations all my life, but this one beats them all. Who can say they had dinner with a dead man? Me. That's who. Add to that, I am currently unemployed and will take any measly bone a person might throw a dog. I am licking that dog bowl for odd jobs that pay cash, as I collect my unemployment check. All this, while trying to please my mother's need to marry me off before it's too late. Between blind dates, odd jobs while looking for a job, interviews with stellar type people - not, I wind up having dinner with a blind date to only be attending his funeral within a week's time.

Chapter One

I stopped pacing my apartment while holding my phone away from my ear, then tried screaming, in an indoor voice, to the phone, thinking it might help to stop her rambling chatter if I just plain didn't listen anymore. "Mom. Mom!" I was wrong; she was still talking so I took a deep breath in and tried to get a word in edgewise. As soon as I heard her take an intake of breath, I interrupted my mother from continuing. "Mother, I heard you. I can't possibly go out on another blind date at this moment." I reached down to my toenails and picked at them as they were in desperate need of a pedicure while my mother kept talking, more to herself about some guy named Bernard Gooth. Just his name alone reminded me of the last five men she set me up with. Bow tie wearing, white socks, dress pants an inch too short and 'where did he get those shoes' question pounding in my brain. And that last question, is not in a good way. For some reason, when my mom was handed out the mother knows best genes, she escaped the line for latest bargains at Bargain Hut. She seemed to think that since I am not married or engaged by my age of twenty nine, that I need to find me a bargain of a man to marry and soon.

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