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The Chronicles of Angelique:

The Chronicles of Angelique:

High Lord of the Abyss

High Lord Osiris Harakte stood behind his throne, peering through his balcony so he could see the endless Netjer-khert stretching beneath him all the way to fierce and jagged peaks and beyond; his green eyes and short brown hair were fierce as the turmoil beneath his rippling bronze skin. He wore a metal kilt and a white shirt, the Master of the Land of the Dead who could not be moved from his judgments; all the Damned eventually came to the Hall of the Two Truths and either became food for his creatures or, if they chose, they could become Executioners to serve at Osiris’ side for all time.

All of them had been Dead for so long that the Underworld’s energies had left them almost demons themselves; they were a strange hybrid that could freely cross between Du’at and the many Earths of Creation through Limbo.

Then there were the Executioners.

Like all the demons, the Executioners of Osiris fed from mortals and enjoyed physical strength that eclipsed those they hunted. Yet long ago, Horus Harakte, Osiris’ own son, had brought many of the remnants of the demon races of Earth from the results of the horrible battle. For that horrible error thousands of years ago, Osiris’ vast kingdom had become the sanctuary for the Followers of Seth and the other demons to dwell therein; he asked only that they heed his word as law. Any that got too ambitious vanished without a trace, for the Executioners were silent and efficient and were Osiris’ own chosen.

The Executioners: the Enim, the Giants, and the Naphiem, among others, had become Osiris’ army, and he did need one: the other Lords of the Underworld and the Lords of A’aru who ‘served’ Horus openly envied Osiris, and would topple him if they could. Osiris didn’t mind a final Death, for he had lived long and long; however, the other Lords would rupture the Veil and flood the Earths with demons that would use mortals as hosts for their “Final Battle.”

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