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Darkess and the Citrine Crystal

Darkess and the Citrine Crystal

Red Dobbs

Copyright 2012 by Red Dobbs

Smashwords Edition

This book is for my father, and

those that believe in never giving up.

The last time we saw Darkess she had planned a trip and she intended to leave in one weeks’ time. But as we all know, magic happens for a reason and in its own time, not the time allotted by a young witch that was living on a ‘happy to be alive’ buzz. In this story not everything goes by the plan. Where shall I start? Alright, I’ll skip some of the most boring interviews and start just past Roxy’s cleaning closet where the door leads to the hidden part of the cellar of the castle. Remember sometimes you must go down to go up. Good idea? I think so, well here goes…

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