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Steen Langstrup

Copyright Steen Langstrup, 2012

Published by 2 Feet Entertainment at Smashwords


It is Maja, so I answer the call. Using my other hand, I loosen my tie before grabbing hold of the suitcase to pull it along. I am in the airport in Copenhagen, it’s in the middle of the night, and the place is deserted. My steps echo.

I am on my way to the Metro station.

“I’m back,” I say in a tired voice, not recalling where I have been. I have worked around the clock ever since my divorce. It’s my fourth business trip this week and it is only Thursday. Well, actually, it’s past midnight by now; so it’s Friday. “What’s up, Maja?”

Maja is my secretary and I guess she is not calling to deliver good news. No, I know for sure, she is calling with bad news; otherwise she wouldn’t be up at this time of night. There is no need for her to say it, but of course she does.

“Something’s happened, William.”

“What?” I pull my suitcase down the long hallway leading to the platform. Up ahead I can see the illuminated red letters and numbers on the sign by the tracks:

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