The Cross-Time Road Trip

Christopher G. Nuttall


Bruno, Kit, Erica and GBW – four college friends who find a mystery device in a junk sale and connect it up to a power supply. When they push the button, they find themselves – and their RV – tossed across the timelines into an alternate world. Struggling to escape, they jump from world to world, looking for a way back home.

But each of the alternate timelines has its own dangers and their mere presence damages the balance of power that dominates each world. With evil doppelgangers, megalomaniacal creatures and mysterious alien space bats, finding a way home might be the easy part...

Dear Reader

The following story is not meant to be taken seriously. It is both a mild send-up of tropes often to be found within alternate history and a long series of in-jokes based on the online AH community. However, please rest assured that a person reading the story without such knowledge will still enjoy it. And if you want to join the community, where better to start than

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