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Guardian Glass

Christopher G. Nuttall

Cover Blurb

Fourteen years ago, the gateway to Faerie opened and the denizens spilled forth into our world, fleeing a war that was destroying their world. The Faerie, Elves, Imps, Goblins, Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons and thousands of other supernatural creatures infested our world, struggling to co-exist with humanity. And they brought back the magic. It’s not a sane world any longer.

When a child is kidnapped through magic, Guardian Glass is ordered to find her, by any means necessary. As he begins his investigation, it becomes increasingly clear that nothing is what it seems…and that the kidnapping is only the first step in a plot that strikes at the very heart of magic, and threatens to plunge humanity into eternal darkness.


Call me Glass.

It’s not my real name, of course. Those of us who work with magic know better than to share our real names with just anyone. An enemy with bad intentions could use our names, the core of our very beings, against us. I chose Glass. You want to make something of it?

Anyway, what you need to know is simple. Ten years ago, the magic returned to our world. At first, it was just strange sightings and rumours, mainly out in the countryside. No one believed a word of it, not even when cattle and sheep started to vanish, until the first humans started to vanish. Hitchhikers, isolated farmers, even the occasional child…and then, finally, it became too great to ignore. The world was changing right in front of us.

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