That must have just made Garron all the more furious.

Every time she passed by with drinks for another table, he’d make a scene.

“Hey, wench!” Garron would pound his empty mug on the table. “More ale! Another round!”

Blythe would just clench her jaw and walk on by.

Garron was a bully and a pig, even when compared to the rough and rude group that worked outside of town in the pit. On her the fifth trip by him, Garron tried something new.

He reached out and slapped her butt. “Ale! My friends are dying of thirst!”

Blythe felt the anger well up inside of her. What friends? You don’t have friends, just people that lower themselves to be around you in the hope you’ll spend your dirty money on them. She desperately wanted to slap him again. Slap that stupid, lecherous grin right off his face. She didn’t try, though. She knew by now the pig would have thought up some kind of response for a slap other than sit there and look like a shocked ass. So she did her best to ignore it, walk on by, and deliver the drinks she was carrying.

On her way back, she tried to brace herself for another smack.

It never came, though.

Instead, Garron’s hand shot out and grabbed her wrist.

Blythe’s stomach dropped. She tugged back, but it was no use. His grip was strong for someone who never did any work.

Garron smirked up at her. “I’m tired of you acting like you’re better than me. Apologize now.”

Blythe shook in a vain effort to pull free. What’s he going to do? Her heart pounded and her lungs refused to draw in a deep breath. Maybe she had pushed the animal too far. She opened up her mouth and stammered a “Sorry.”

Garron’s eyes widened and he dropped her wrist. “I don’t believe it. But you will be sorry.”

Freed from his grasp, she spun around and tried to lose herself in the commotion of the tavern.

A few minutes later she glanced back at Garron’s table. He wasn’t there.

Could it be that he left? No, she wasn’t that lucky. Not by a long shot. A quick look around revealed where he had gone.

He was standing at the far end of the counter talking to her father. Her father was nodding and Garron handed over several coins.

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