The Education Of Amal

Shirin Humzani

Copyright 2012 by Shirin Humzani

Smashwords Edition

Chapter 1

Clouds danced with each other in the dark night, releasing a beautiful music-like drizzle. But those gentle notes were lost in the loud, thrashing sound of an orchestra. Music flowed through magnificent French windows standing wide open. Boisterous laughter drowned the spontaneous beauty of nature. The partygoers had no concern for the outdoors. They were too consumed by their artifices. Empty souls danced the night away on the wooden floor. Exorbitant liquor poured endlessly in the midst of alluring conversations. Men led women on for their personal desires, and women responded to them for their own purposes.

Dancing in Asim’s arms, Zareen looked over his shoulder at her husband Ahsan, who sat on a settee in the corner, engaged in a conversation with a middle-aged woman. She pursed her lips and moved even closer to Asim’s body.

Asim’s kniving eyes brightened. He folded Zareen in his arms and pressed her tightly to his chest.

“Zareen, my thirsty soul has always been yearning for this moment,” he whispered, brushing her hair aside.

His sweet words filled her empty heart with joy and pride. Though she was forty-two years old, her divine beauty, striking figure and smooth skin hid her age. People often mistook her for a twenty-six- or twenty-seven-year-old. Her red-tinged hair had been cut into a shoulder-length bob that angled to frame her face. The hair stylist had said this enhanced her high cheekbones and pointed chin. Zareen liked to think that increased her appeal even further.

“Zareen…” Asim leaned close, gazing deeply into her eyes.

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