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By David & Sabine Williams

Published by David Williams at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 David Williams

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

Previously in Star Yawns:

Beani-Poohs and Lid-Lidia were returning from their visit to the planet Karrool.

“ Two to beam up,” said Beani-Poohs.

The Captain answered “ I’ll see the two of you in a moment.”

“ I have a lock,“ said the transporter Chief and pushed the control to activate the transporter.

Suddenly they both noticed on the instruments that an unexpected ion storm had just blown up. It was very intense.

“ Should I stop the process Captain? I have already started the transport.”

“ You can’t, to reverse now could be dangerous.”

Moments later the two women began to appear on the transport pad, but before transport could be completed they completely disappeared.

“ Captain I am losing them!”

“ Try again.”

The women once again partially appeared and almost immediately vanished again.

The Captain’s eyes revealed his despair. “ Tell me you still have them?”

“ I’m sorry Captain, I have lost them.”

The previous day:

Captain’s log: Star Date 27.0812

We have brought three passengers to the planet Karrool and now we are in orbit for a few days. Some of the crew have taken this time for some needed shore leave while we are here.

The Captain’s COM badge beeped, “ Hemorrhoid here,” he said.

It was the transporter chief. “ Sir there is an alien couple who would like to beam up here and have a discussion with you.”

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