Coming May 2011 from Ransom Greene Press

They Feast

A Novel of the Vampyr

The Third Species of Mankind

by Richard Taylor

Fredericka Stasiek has the worst kind of boyfriend problem. The man who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer is a vampyr. 

Not the sparkly, squeaky-clean-I’ll-never-hurt-you kind of vampyr, either, but the prince of a brutal and bloody society that lives at the periphery of human suspicion and feasts on people as if they’re cattle. 

The vampyrs’ one great problem: the females of their kind are born sterile. Brood mares, the mothers of the next generation, must come from the human population, and Constantine Prince of Vampyrs has chosen Freddi Stasiek to be his queen and the ever-pregnant mother of his children... if she acquiesces to the violent and bloody courtship... if she can’t elude him... if she can’t kill him...

Praise for Richard Taylor’s novels

Red Mist

"Killer of a thriller."

-- Arielle Perez

New Times

The Haunting of Cambria

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