Nothing has happened since the mid 19th century if we see to them who are below the last step on the social ladder. They are not chained as galley slaves though, but they are in anyhow without human dignity in our society in the 21st century! After almost 200 years nothing has happened for them down under.

I am also talking about Sweden who until now has had a social security system at least for them who knows their legal rights, but it is getting worse. It hasn’t been that bad since the 40-ties that it is today. In the 60- and 70-ties we didn’t have homeless people. They showed up when our economy was “on all its cylinders”, at that time the Evening news start to run their 5-minute feature on economy. They showed the Stockholm Stock Market Exchange and got ordinary people to put their savings into shares. Then the homeless people start showing up. What was it that kicked the poor down from the last step, to a life as “Miserables” in Sweden? The land of “Utopia” to many people in the world.

At the same time the workers union stopped talking about 6-hour workday and a few years later the information were that everybody have to work more than 8 hours a day in the near future. From the same channels we were told how good everything was going for Sweden.

I didn’t understand a lot from the contradictory data and probably didn’t care a lot either. I had enough of my own efforts to get as much as possible of the existing cake, especially the black one. I lived outside the community and after the motto” Guard yourself and don’t care about what others do” and it functioned well – some years.

It works out fine as long as you only have to think about yourself but when there all of a sudden is a child in the house which one day shall manage by itself? When you have responsibility for somebody else then you change thinking and discover that it is almost impossible to get back into the society. It means unemployment, down low on the social ladder for long time, infinitely long time. Then thoughts start coming about how bad everything seams to function even in our little duck pond Sweden, at least for some? Many questions accumulate and all of them seemed to be without honest direct and simple answers.

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