I Wish

By R.A. Rios

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2012 by R.A. Rios

All Rights Reserved.

I wish that I was this tall…as I am oh so small….

If I were oh so tall, could you, would you, climb with me up the tallest building, we would not fall? Then we would roar with all our might and give everyone a great big fright! Then all would know, that even though, we may be small, our roar would be oh so tall.

I wish I was a spider with all its nets of web…

I'd build my web much wider way up in the tree to hider, from all the birds and bees.

And I realized that (whether or not you loved me) that wouldn't be the decider? Because you see, as a spider I'm a biter when I hold my prey much tighter!

I Wish I was a Tiger; I'd walk the jungles so big and proud….as just the sight of me would scare a crowed.

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