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Down Jump Blues

Jim Fogarty

Published by Jim Fogarty at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Jim Fogarty

Smashwords Edition

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A pounding headache woke me. I felt just as bad as I did the morning after my first night's liberty in boot camp, only I hadn't had a drop this time. I had fallen asleep on my bunk reading a book on my handcomp, just like I do most nights. A quick look around the stateroom showed me everything in the same place as last night. Glancing at my wrist chrono I saw we were due to exit jump space in about an hour. I'd slept in. Normally I rose with the sun, when there was a sun. But today I'd slept in late, much later than I ever remember doing. I crossed over to the fresher and splashed some cold water on my face. That cleared some of the cob webs. I just needed coffee to get set for show time.

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