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“In the case of three- year- old Tuantez,” Demarco – you are the father

“In the case of four-year-old Quindez, Quinton – you are the father!”

The heavyset woman on the TV show leaped up from her seat and jumped into the air yelling, “I told you so! Told you so! Told you so, bastard!” to the guy seated next to her, but the network blanked out the profanity.

The guy got up into the woman’s face. “You were messing around with every one of my boys, so why wouldn’t I think that he was not my son?”

Deanna Albright had just gotten back to her college dorm after her daily classes. She glanced at the TV and wondered to herself about the reasons people could possibly have for going on a tabloid TV show. “Oh yea,’’ Deanna said to herself “a free vacation. But is it really worth it?” She wondered just how far she would allow herself to go in order to be on TV, lodge in a four-star hotel, and dine at fancy restaurants at someone else’s expense.

“That is probably what I need right now, a free vacation.” Deanna sighed. She went into the freezer of her dorm refrigerator and took out a Weight Watchers spaghetti dinner. As she was setting the timer to the microwave she realized the show that she was watching was not quite over yet.

The commentator’s statement caught her attention. “…If you were harassed and exploited by someone because of how you used to look, but now you have changed your entire image around and want to let them know, ‘You taunted me as if I was a disgrace, but now I am a sexy, and I am here to rub it in your face!’ then all you have to do is call us at 555 PKEENAN and you could become a guest on the Peachy Keenan show!”

The words from the show prompted Deanna to drift back four years to her high school senior year, and before she even realized it she was calling the number for The Peachy Keenan Show. She left a voice message request to be a guest on the show in hopes of getting the chance to confront her ex friends.

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