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The Poison Pixie

Christmas Cracker

Vanessa de Sade

Smashwords Edition

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Copyright Vanessa de Sade 2012

The Camera

Vanessa de Sade

She had saved all year to get Gary the camera that he'd wanted, squirreling away odd half-crowns and ten-shilling-notes in the jar she kept hidden behind the sugar canister and the tea caddy. And it was just as well, too, since she'd never have been able to find a spare five guineas in December, what with the baby and the soaring price of coal and, well, everything else. But Gary had had his heart set on this particular model and Fiona was determined to get it for him.

Although, if she was honest, she was just a little resentful about the camera too, especially the way he kept going on and on about it. She hardly saw him as it was, now that he'd lost his job at the architects' office and was working graveyard shifts at the car works and doing odd jobs for her dad in the afternoons. And now he'd be swanning off to some camera club two nights a week too, she supposed, and then there'd be developing costs and film and picture frames to hang his prize snapshots above the fireplace.

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