Green Eyes (Sex Cult of Bast)

By Tamara Clay


Copyright© 2012 by Tamara Clay

Green Eyes

Jodie gasped as Callum shoved his dick in to her. He pushed in without little finesse, eager to fuck. She clutched his toned body, running her nails down his broad back. Though he was a gorgeous guy, with a sculpted body and boyish good looks, she couldn’t quite bring herself to full arousal. He was very good in bed, there was no doubting that, but for Jodie there was something lacking. Nevertheless, she made the appropriate moaning noises, and held him tight to her naked body.

He grunted under his breath, as he slowly thrust in to her. She knew this was how he liked it, him on top plowing her missionary style. He wanted to maintain eye contact, to watch her as he came and to see her face as she climaxed. As usual, she obliged him, looking deep in to his storm cloud gray eyes. He stared back, the muscles of his jaw tightening as he rammed her cunt.

“Fuck!” he suddenly snarled. Without any warning, he pulled out of her and sat up on the end of the bed. “Fuck! Fucking hell! Fuck!”

Startled, Jodie sat up and grabbed his shoulders protectively. “Babe, what’s wrong? You okay?”

“No I’m not fucking okay!” His voice was a raw wound. “Fucking hell Jodie, am I so fucking crap?”

She blinked in surprise, her mind whirling with confusion. Then she realized what he was talking about. “Babe you’re the best,” she tried to sound convincing. “I was enjoying it. Come on, let’s go again, baby.”

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