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Author: Rozlyn Sparks

Cover Art: Willsin Rowe

Copyright © 2010 by Katie Salidas/Rozlyn Sparks

Published by:

Rising Sign Books



Rozlyn Sparks


“Where the hell is it?” Sasha groaned frantically flinging t-shirts, pants, and shoes behind her. The discarded items flew out of the closet, landing in a heap on the bedroom floor. “Angela, have you seen my costume?”

“Yeah.” Angela called from the next bedroom. “I think I saw something lying on the couch, downstairs.”

Sasha poked her head out of the closet, her face scrunched up in confusion. “Well, what the hell is it doing down there?” She hadn’t remembered bringing it downstairs, but the day had been hectic, she really couldn’t be held accountable for any unusual actions.

“I don’t know.” Angela’s voice lacked any real care. “Just hurry up, Sash. Remember, we still need to check in at the hotel. The party starts in a few hours, and I wanna get there before all the hot guys are taken.”

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