For the Hellcats, thank you for your input, insights, and encouraging words. You girls are awesome and I wish you all the most success possible in your writing.

Thank you to all of my family who support me and read my books if for no other reason than that I wrote them. I love you all.

Praise for

Beyond the Veil

“Wow!!! What a Ride!!!” ~The Book Whisperer

“I just finished Beyond the Veil and I sit here now soaking it all in...*thinking*

AMAZING.... INTRIGUING.... NAIL these are just a few words to begin my description of this book!!” ~TSK, TSK, What to Read BlogSpot Book Reviews

“My only problem with this book is that it ended before I wanted it to be done.”

~Delphina Reads Too Much Book Reviews

“Quinn has blown me away yet again with the next book in the Grey Wolves Series, Beyond the Veil. I have absolutely fallen in love with this series. The story and characters are incredible. Hands down, Quinn has the hottest werewolves imaginable and I one want so bad.” ~ Always YA at Heart Book Reviews

“Quinn’s writing gets better with each book, just when you think she couldn’t be more creative, or you think you have it figured out, she throws something out of left field.”

~ The Grey Wolves Series Blog Spot Book Reviews

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Chapter 2

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