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The Maker’s Diet: a diet that will lead to wellness and weight loss


Through my personal journey on The Maker’s Diet by Dr. Jordan Rubin, I have discovered 3 problems of why we live unhealthy lives and why most Americans are overweight. I have also outlined 3 solutions to these problems, based on The Maker’s Diet, on how to loss weight and reach optimal health.

My journey on The Maker’s Diet began after experiencing a digestive disorder that led me to lose 15-20 pounds in less than a month and after trying several medications that had horrible side effects, (that weren’t too pleasant for me or for others). I truly wanted and needed to be healed. I had decided to do so because of my familiarity with holistic medicine and the Bible.

The Maker’s Diet, written by Dr. Jordan Rubin, provides a lifestyle makeover for readers that is rooted in biblical practicality and guides readers through a 40-day healthy living journey.

The first phase of my journey dealt with educating myself on why my health, along with many other Americans, was declining. It is through research that led me to find some answers. Here is what I’d found:

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