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Chapter 6 - Metal-Man and Meat-Man

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Chapter 1

Old Gallows Field, Holcomb Island

“Are you sure the mandrake’s demon won’t hurt us, Kadmeion?”

The wizard crossed his arms and released a sigh. “You worry too much, Bright. We are a safe distance away.”

“I don’t like Meat-Men.”

“Squeamish over a little dirt and drama?”

“I can’t abide the death of a Go Fer in exchange for a homunculus. Tell me again why we’re here.”

“We need to be here.”

“Magical reasons?”


Bright turned back to the men and dogs down on Old Gallows Field. Looked like the Meat-Men had dug a trench around the mandrake plant. They now huddled and talked. Two men waved their arms.

“Something’s wrong,” Bright said.

“They argue about which Go Fer will pull out the mandrake root.”

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