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Forgiveness Formula

Finding Lasting Freedom in Christ

by CJ and Shelley Hitz

Unlike so many Christian authors, CJ and Shelley Hitz write like real people. They are not finished products offering guaranteed solutions, but rather ‘works in progress’ who are still working through some of life's most vexing problems, and who are willing to share what they are learning along the way. To read their book is to meet two very thoughtful new friends, who are both willing and able to help.”

--Bart Campolo, Founder Mission Year

CJ and Shelley open their lives up in a way that both makes you want to keep reading and relates to all of us in one way or another. No matter what situations you have faced or will face in life, the Biblical principles in Forgiveness Formula I understand this is a quote, but I recommend clarifying that this is –a previous book or was this the original title? Or a segment or subtitle of this one. will help point to the full life God intended for us all.”

--David Todd, Ministry Coordinator, Findlay Area Youth for Christ

Tragedy to triumph? Grief to gratitude? Shelley & CJ's touching transparency fleshed out to me ‘It’s possible!’ There is hope!”

-- Drake Mariani, Founder MemLok Bible Memory System (

Forgiveness Formula

Finding Lasting Freedom in Christ

© 2011 by CJ and Shelley Hitz

Published by Body and Soul Publishing

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