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I was about to come all over the place. I couldn't hold

it off much longer.

I tried slowing down my thrusts and stopping a few times.

It usually worked but this time I could tell that it just wasn't

happening. It had been weeks since I'd had any sort of sexual

release. Since I had gotten home from my tour, actually.

I didn't know what the hell was wrong with me.

I wasn't blind. Girls definitely looked at me often so I considered myself a good looking man. I liked to think that I was good in bed too. If it was any indication, my name had been screamed in pleasure more times than I could count.

Ohshit….Yes, that's it. Aw, fuck that feels good.

Any second now. Just. A. little. Faster. Harder.


My moan echoed around my bathroom as my hand slid

up and down myself, causing my warm seed to cascade down

my shaft mixing along with the shower water.


Finally, some blessed relief.

I'd had blue balls for what seemed like weeks now. I had

already been with a handful of girls just since I had gotten

home but I'd had to fake my orgasm because I hadn't been able to get off with any of them. I liked to think that it was because she wasn't tight

enough, or attractive enough, or just good enough in bed.

But the problem was obviously me.

I just couldn't stop thinking about men and how it would

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