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Designer Heads-Off



Copyright © 2012 Robin Carretti

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Best-Kept Fashion Vampires

Rank-Me-Physcho Cybernetics

Love-Bleeds with Codes

Full Moon Crescent-Book

Call Of The Bloody Judgement

Half-Awake Dream-State Underworld-Mate

Hallucinations Love-Games Intuitions

Play-Eights The Moon

About the Author


Fall September 2012

No-one can copy faces of Love like the best mystery top rated seller; Let it open doorways are-we-ready for someone to catch your rhythm. Sales lady Le-chat like kitty cats got there bloody head’s on strong like you're selling your soul Wait a minute that’s my perfect designer body we are talking about. Model how they hang their bodies they went over the limit how they grabbed their Mans suit of a hanger Eating too much devil-food cakes coffee grains eyes of a spell hangover. What a seller perfectly love designer matched. But easily fooled you bought her that going out with another man alcoholic dress. What you’ll do for love or what does love have to do with all this. Caught in a web who do you think you are the buyer? Her strong mind damaged goods of a heart. Love at frost bite spoiled rotten teeth begging for some cleaner lines crowded city apple. Billionaire of the better business bureau took a valuable bite. What a mind she writes every detail and sips her coffee like two designer heads come up with ideas. Going uptown heavy weight of traffic. You see upscale auction house society woman of fashion big rock hands go up going once you’re the gem you got the show-stopper jewel he speaks out going twice he’s so smitten. Double dare breasted suit Robin Roar Christian Dior kitten he’s sold. Reading the fashion wear daily newspaper secrets he walks in singing. Your eyes had enough it was like a tinnitus hell of a stinking. What a bully of a bloodline vampire in the café blood is thicker than holy love of water. A woman yelling out give me my bloody coffee stop with your designer jokes don’t hold my skirt of A line. No back of the restaurant neck bites. Last deadly mission you see detectives Calvin Klein dressed up cops please going after granny designer dresses will be the laughing stock of the worst designer in the city. We need some young-blood females loved and cuffed. Push girls

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