Chris Strange

It's a bad time to be a superhero.

When the world turned its back on metahumans, the golden age of superheroes came crashing down. But now a mysterious supercriminal is making one final bid for power, and with no one else left to protect the world, ex-hero Spook must risk everything to take him down. There will be no reprieve, no negotiation. War is coming.

Put on the mask. There’s work to be done.

Chris Strange, author of THE MAN WHO CROSSED WORLDS, presents a stunning, no-holds-barred superhero adventure that will lure you in and knock you out. This is the novel superhero fans have been waiting for.

Don’t Be a Hero

Originally published by Cheeky Minion 2012

Copyright © 2012 Chris Strange

Smashwords Edition

Version 1.0

Cover art by Kitty Gunn

All rights reserved.

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