StartUp Secret Sauce Series: Are You Ready for Your First StartUp?

Grace Lanni & Jessica Hendrick Scanlon

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Lanni, Grace and Scanlon, Jessica, 2012

Secret Sauce Series; Book 1: Are You Ready for Your First StartUp? / Grace Lanni and Jessica Scanlon

Summary: Book 1 of the Secret Sauce Series is for people who want to start their first business venture on their own or within a company. Are You Ready for Your First StartUp? gives people a real look at what it takes to form a company idea, breathe life into the idea, and validate the idea for success.

ISBN -10: 0988440903 ISBN -13: 978-0-9884409-0-6

1.Start-Up 2. Entrepreneur 3. Business Advice 4. Intrapreneur 5. Small Business

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