Dedication Part One

Linda and Elizabeth would like to offer this one to their friend, Chuck McCarty,

who had to live with these characters for more years than any of us would care to admit, and who is solely responsible for the mud in the Valley of the Moon.

Acknowledgments for The Oath-taker’s Challenge Series

These books would not have been possible without the generosity of the friends who read and critiqued them with honesty, love, and encouragement. We first want to acknowledge Chuck McCarty, who not only read and critiqued, but who roughed out battle scenes, created goblin names and curses, and killed Tarq. We want to offer special thanks to our good friends and readers: Joan Upham, Christine Barton, Nadine Brown, and Alice Salerno. And finally, Linda would like to acknowledge and thank her former student, Nathan Cook, who was our harshest critic and who was responsible for more changes than any other reader.

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