Any similarity to persons, living or dead, is unintentional. This is an original work of fiction and all rights are held by the author.

Hot Growl

Copyright 2012 by Taylor Gibbs

ISBN: 978-1-3016-4201-4

Smashwords Edition

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Edited by tejas

Cover Art by Adelaide Cooper

Hot Growl

“This isn’t exactly a happening party,” Merc London muttered, looking around the room. His friend Tess had invited him to a costume-optional party/charity event in a newly trendy industrial suburb an hour north of LA, but outside of the beautiful Tess, rocking her Medusa wig and a white almost-see-through dress, there wasn’t a lot of excitement to be found here. Not yet anyway.

Merc sipped his beer, trying to stifle his sigh. A lot of the people in the crowd seemed to recognize him, and he’d seen a few before as well. Some in person, at events like this, backstage at shows or at award shows, and others on TV and movie screens. Most of ‘em were players in the new cable drama—Blood, Love, and Lies, which was a runaway success.

Even Merc, hardly a huge TV guy, had become hooked, when Tess had sent him DVDs of the first few episodes to watch on the road. Touring was hard work, and he’d devoured the show, a mystery of vampire and werewolf lore, with several major differences from Twilight and stuff of that ilk—many of the characters on the show were sexually adventurous and many of the scenes fell deeply into the R-rated category.

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